Friday, July 6, 2012


So I'm in the middle-start of the Cruise phase, I do this til October, and so far I've been REALLY GOOD.
At my boss's work retirement they were serving TONS of cake, nanaimo bars, cookies, sweets, chips, pop, etc and I passed on it ALL.  At our department retirement party for her I had a taco salad (YUM) and a SMALL piece of cake, because I felt bad that I wasn't going to have ANY in celebration of her.

No harm no foul that time! I continued on my regime :)  Then I went camping, and took a TON of food - veggies and meat. I had lots of booze though and didn't drink enough water so I'm guessing that stalled my weightloss.  I had ONE hot dog and 2 marshmallows. SO I call that a success for 3 days with 3 other very bad influences. GO ME, I feel like superwoman!

I have decided my "treat" should be a slice of DARK chocolate if anything.  I hate milk and white chocolates and this satisfies any sugar type need I may have. I don't have it every day either.

I have lost about 2lbs now the week back from camping. WOOT, which is a total of 7.7lbs lost since I started!!!!  I am now under the 160s!  I can't wait til I can say I'm under the 150s but that seems forever from now. 

If anyone has any tips on how to make a dough properly out of oat bran/flour that'd be great to give me!! I have NO IDEA how to use yeast... lol

Anyways, I'm starved, forgot to go grocery shopping for breakfast so better get off the net and get foooood. Foooooood!

Wish me weight loss wishes, I'd like to see 155 very soon :)

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