Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dukan Cruise days

So no update in a while. Last week I was starting the Cruise phase, having salads for lunches, and made curry tofu stirfry for dinner... good good..
Then Sunday happened and the BF wanted to eat at White Spot. I wanted to go buy eggs and ham for breakfast but he wanted lunch foods. Well White Spot has terrible options for healthy and no carb meals, also their "healthy" meals are all chicken. Talk about lame, it'd be nice to have a meal out that's not CHICKEN as if CHICKEN is something all around healthy. Cmon corporations - think outside the box!  Shrimp, FISH, Crab, lean steaks! TOFU! Why aren't restaurants learning how to serve TOFU dishes?  I mean it's 2012!!! You should have learned well enough by now! 

Oh well, so I had an off day and splurged. BUT it was the only meal I had all day, split into two meals. Seemed reasonable for a failure day.  Back on the diet Monday. Had a veggie/protein day (taco salad for lunch with no rice/beans) and had spaghetti squash and some chicken for dinner, had AllBran buds with skim milk for breakfast.

Today I decided to have an all protein day, til dinner. I wanted to finish off the spaghetti squash I had already cooked.  Had that and some shrimp in low calorie Miracle whip with a small amount of HP sauce and Ketchup.

Then I made a pizza. For tomorrow!  I made the crust with oat bran chopped in a coffee grinder and some Surghum flour and activated yeast... first time making a dough.
Baked it for 15mins or so at 375.
Then added stuff. See my other blog.

I don't think I've lost any new weight, so any Dukan tips would really help here.  *sigh* Gonna keep trying to stick with it.  As long as it's 1-4lbs per week I'll be happy.
I also find I lose more weight from a veggie/protein day, but gain on a Pure Protein day... HELP?

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