Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quarter of the way there! More than 10 gone!!!!!

Hello reader! 

Quick update, still doing great on my Cruise phase!  I wish there were a benchmark for time that I could go by but it's now in the 4th (or is it 5th? omg) week and today, July 18 I weighed in like I do every morning (hah and sometimes when I return from work, I'm so scale obsessed... in a good way!) and was an AMAZING 156.4lbs!!! That's 11.1 lbs down so far!  I am over the moon! I can't wait until 15lbs down because then I'm 5 away from halfway there!  It feels like it's coming so fast...

It inspires me even more to be firm and stick to not caving in to distraction foods like... baby shower cupcakes for my coworker haha or McDonalds that someone is eating and wants me to have a fry. NO WAY JOSE!  

Lots of people at work, who see me daily, tell me they notice the loss in size, though it's really NOT that much but it's getting there I guess. I haven't dropped a dress/pants size EXCEPT in my breeches but those were riding tights that probably run large and I'd never tried on before so I have no idea if I would have fit into them before starting on this awesome journey.  I can't wait until I DO need to get new pants, that will be a wondrous victory, a very special one. 
And I'm looking forward to a wedding that is in a couple weeks. I'm hoping I'll have dropped AT LEAST another 5lbs by Aug 4 because it'd be great to look stunning for the guy I'm going with but hey... I'll be happy with what I get, I just want to focus on making sure I keep willpower and the diet on track.

Which, by the way, I've messed up a few times. I will be honest because I feel that's what other people researching the Dukan Diet need to hear, what real people go through. I've messed up and had more PV (protein, veggies) days and wondered why the loss stalled - had a PP (pure protein) day and it starts going down again. So be sure to be diligent on it, but giving your body an extra PV day or whatever doesn't hurt. Just no carbs! I am on the 1:1 except for most weekends because I'm often with others/out of house and it's VERY hard to find tasty non-home-cooked protein meals.

Oh, please read my other blog! it has a WONDERFUL recipe for Dukan Burgers! MUST LIKE MUSHROOMS though haha.

Anyways, that's enough,

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