Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dukan update! Normal foods!

I'm actually really surprised how well I'm doing so far.  This diet has given me no urges, no cravings, no break of will power. I make decisions and ensure if the decision HAS to be a bad one (I will not give myself an excuse, but if I have NO options - so rare) then I am just that much more diligent with water and post-decision food/Attack phase choices. 

I used to be RULED by cravings, about as intense as a pregnant woman's I imagine... They once led me (pre Dukan) to eating 4 days worth of Chinese food, because I couldn't say "No".  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  Let me tell you, that third day of the same food... it was tough, the fourth day... I was begging for spaghetti or ANYTHING else. Haha.

But I've been experimenting on trying to do the Cruise Phase with as NORMAL, carb-esque meals that others could possibly eat.  Yesterday was a Unique dinner night (Turkey Apple Butternuts - on my other blog), and Today I had cooked shrimp in a creamy cocktail sauce, but made in advance for tomorrow's meals a YUMMY (hopefully) Carb-free Shepherd's Pie. 

I used Fauxtatoes (puree'd cauliflower), sauteed cabbage, steamed carrots, canned chopped green beans and mushroom sauce for the gravy in the lean ground beef.  A bit of cheddar too under the fauxtatoes and hopefully this will be a YUMMY meal!  Enough for like 5 meals probably! If good, will freeze it! MMM
But I'll need to figure out how to make the puree a bit more thick, may look for some Ketatoes if they have those out here in BC.

But great news! Everyone at work has been commenting on seeing the weight come off... but it really hasn't been that much. I kind of regret telling people because then maybe there'd be more surprise, I love surprise! haha. It's like a mini Christmas on any day right?!  But even boy said he thought I felt smaller around my waist. My boobs seem to fit into my bra a bit better, which is always nice. And the too small work pants now EASILY fit.  I can't wait til I can fit into various "too-small" skirts that I have!

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