Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 6 Attack

So it's the last day of the Attack Phase for me.
Woke up this morning to stable weight, no gain or loss.  Sad :(  I'm hoping I'll dump some weight today then.

I'm wondering if it's from the Tofu I ate that I pan fried in Hoisin and Sweet Chili sauce... probably is as those have some carbs and sodium.  We shall see. I really didn't find it that hard doing 100% protein for 6 days, the first two were definitely trouble and an ordeal, but like I said - I grew up Vegetarian/Vegan, this TONS of protein is a bit new to me.  Oh as is the Diarrhea... Don't do super spicy foods while you are on this diet because it totally clears through you.

Today I made a big BOO BOO! I didn't bring enough food with me for lunch! Damnit!  So today I need to make sure I have food for tomorrow, which I think I'll be fine as I get to have salad and other veggies. Wheee!

During the attack phase I ate a lot of greek yogurt (no fruit), chicken, some fish and shrimp, and some steak.  Also, when I could I made the delicious scrambled eggs in my other blog. Mmmmm. Now I have some salmon, mixed wheat bran with greek yogurt and soy milk (ew, it wasn't THAT great..) and some steak and chicken leftover to make. But I can't wait for the veggies!  MMMMM

So ask me any questions you may have, I'll share what I can from my experiences.  Now it's bedtime so wish me luck that I've lost some for tomorrow's visit with the scales.  :)

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