Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tzatziki update

So day 1 of the Cruise phase!  VEGGIIIIIEEEEESSS!! YAY =D

Can you tell I've missed them?
Honestly there was no craving of them, just missing a different texture as to me all protein has a similar type of texture.  Today's diet followed as:
2Tbsp Allbran buds (I know, but wasn't a lot and I felt it helped) with skim milk
Vanilla 0%MF Greek Yogurt

Poached Salmon leftovers
Garden salad with SPICY PINEAPPLE DRESSING (confirmed non fat, 1 carb)

Cheese wedges (that yummy wheel of varied Gruyere)
Smoked deli Turkey (low sodium, non fat)
Greek Yogurt as above
Sliced Cucumbers

Grilled herbed Steak
Steamed spinach
Baked Herbed eggplant
Homemade nonfat Tzatziki!!!

So a good day for food, tomorrow is a Protein ONLY day, but I'll be adding some Tzatziki for my steak to eat at lunch.

This morning was pretty tough as I got on the scale and didn't lose a pound. I stayed the same at 164lbs. However, when I got home from work, I had a bathroom break and weighed myself and was still 164! I do wonder what that means :) Hoping for a loss! 

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