Monday, September 23, 2013


Why Happy Monday!  Today was slightly productive but overall I think it went well food-wise!
I worked and had my first lunch of my freshly made Moroccan/Curry Chicken Salad (like chicken salad filling) that has chopped celery and granny smith apple. I left out the dried apricot for now. 

So my willpower for weddings. stagettes, pancake work days... is sadly very low.  I will have to do better, or exercise or something on the days I "mess up". 

I'm eating a high protein diet, and I definitely like it despite the variety.  I am absolutely meant to eat high protein at this stage of life, I'm fairly certain. Any touch on pasta makes me fall into a spiral of high carb, refined wheat goods, very quickly.  High vegetable diet... I just can't do it without protein!  Not anymore... I grew up Vegan too so one would think I'd function well back on that.  I swear, being vegan is SO much work! 
So far, no cravings today. That was nice and I wish it would follow me forever, I always succumb to my cravings - or at least usually do when not on high protein. 

Today, food was good...

2 cups Earl Grey Tea with 1tbsp Half/Half creamo.

1/3 cup Moroccan Chicken Salad
1/4 cup PC 0% Greek Yogurt -Honey

2 Beef Burger patties
1 Chicken thigh, skinless bone in.

Some water. The end!

So a few more days of this, I really need to drink way more water. I REALLY should stop forgetting to do dishes before bedtime :P 
I'm a frugal water drinker, if you put it nicely.  I need lime or strawberries to drink water that is in a glass at home/work. Working on that! What works for you?

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